Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From Philippines to Vietnam

After a devastating flood, where many lives and houses were lost, Typhoon Ketsana left Philippines and wreck havoc in Vietnam.

Ketsana hit the Philippines last t weekend, killing 246 people, leaving another 42 missing, and causing damages totaling more than $100 million.

Like what Ketsana did in Philippines, it is also wreaking havoc in Vietnam. Flood waters had submerging some old houses in Quang Nam's Hoi An city, a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage site. Floods from the typhoon damaged or destroyed 294,000 homes in central Vietnam. Around 357,000 people in 10 provinces were evacuated. Sea waves threw several ships onshore in the port city of Danang.

Typhoon Ketsana has damaged enough! Let us all pray that it will no longer affect any more countries.


Clarissa said...

Let's continue to pray,ang dami ng nasalanta sa bagyo(T_T)

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