Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hello Fall!

Yesterday is the official start of Fall Season. In Alabama where I live, it is still not fall if you based it on the leaves of the trees. The color hasn't changed yet. In colder places, the color of the leaves has turned into yellow and brown already.

Nothing much have changed in here except that the days are shorter now, an evident that it is already fall. During summers, the sun is still shining even at 8pm but now, it is really a surprise how short the days are. At 7pm it is already completely dark.

I love fall. I love the weather where it is just cool... enough not to use the heater and enough not to use aircondition. It saves me on our electricity bill. I love to look at the different colors of the trees...


dhemz said...

agree mami Lu....based on trees leaves...tawon dire green pa man kaau....dire pod ngitngit na ang 7-8....pero init pa man japon among weather..we still use AC.

i love and hate fall....I love to see the scenery but I hate to rake the gosh...magamit napod nako akong powerful na walis!

shydub said...

Here some of the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and brown na mami lulu. Nangawala na ug anam anam ang green leaves, then kindda chilly na sd.

iTravel said...

hay nus-a kaya ko maka experience ug winter, spring, summer or fall...all you have to do is call..and i'll be there yes, i will, you've got a friend...hehehe ayaw kanta kanta diha laagan hehehe

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