Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain... rain... rain

It has been raining for the past couple of nights. I think it has been raining all night this week. It is not just a simple rain but it is a heavy steady rain that lasted hours after hours.

Rain always reminds me of home in the Philippines where you can hear the steady dropping of the rain drops from the tin roof. It reminds me of my younger years where we play paper boats in our canal where the water drops. It reminds me of my childhood friends where we formed friendship and bonding. Life was very simple then... kids playing outside the in the front yard, running around catching and saving water in containers and yes showering in the cold water from the gutter. Those were simple joys but a memory that always brings a smile....

I wish Andrea can experience some of the simple things that a small place in a small town can offer. A place far from the comfortable life we have here in the USA. I want her to experience the life her cousins live so that she can always appreciate what she has here. Besides, I want her to experience the Filipino side in her...

Maybe when she will be a little older...


Us said...

Same here lulu, it reminds me of our simple life back home. paabot sa ulan aron kaligo ug shower hehehehe.

bisag nag maestra na intawn ko sa bukid maligo intawn mi sa ulan. malinagw among mga pupils magtan aw sa ilang mga maestra nga walay buot naligo ug ulan. Labi na ug bagyo nga matanggong ka didto ky dili maagian ang dalan. sus pundo sa eskwelahan walay klase mag sge mi tong its, nya ligo dayon ulan.

chubskulit said...

sarap maligo sa ulan, miss ko na yan.. MamiLu, padd naman ako in your list plszzz hahahah nagmakaawa ba lo.

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