Friday, September 11, 2009

Tacos .... Anyone???

I did not cook for dinner, as I usually do. Instead, we decided to have dinner at Taco Bell.

Looking back, when I was new here in the USA, I could not stand the taste of Tacos or any Mexican food. I even hate the smell of cilantro. I never thought that I will learn to love Mexican recipes. After I got pregnant, my taste buds changed. I learn to appreciate more Mexican foods like tacos, enchiladas, chili, and I can now eat at Mexican restaurant.

I got used to eating Mexican foods now. I can even make my own tacos and I like it with a lot of tomatoes and cheese. As for my chili, I love it with onions and simmer the chili as long as I want.

For our dinner tonight, we ordered a couple of double decker taco and original taco. Would you all believe that Andrea even loves the tacos? I am so lucky that Andrea is not picky with her foods...
Original Crunchy Taco
Double decker taco


shydub said...

Panghatag sa imung taco lulu, wala pa mn ko katilaw ug tacos dri ky dili mo palit akong amo sa Taco. Naa mn gd siya na experience before nga nakapadiscourage ug kaon sa taco, mao wala sd ko kakaon ky dili mn siya mo order. Mangayo nlng ko nimu, tunga mi andrea coz im sure dili na niya mahurot

Anne said...

I love taco mami, faborito na nako... hehehe! Dili sad mahal... naa daghan taco dire Manila.

Ganahan sad ko motambay sa ilaha nga restau bisan gamay ra akong paliton ay relax kaau hehehe! Taco bell is best for me...

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