Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ooopppsss .... Wrong Ship!

Somali pirates are hijacking again but this time they got the wrong ship. They mistakenly hijacked French Military Flagship. The pirates, who because of the darkness took the French ship for a commercial vessel. Personally, I think that is kinda dumb of them!

The pirates tried to flee when they realized their mistake but were pursued by French forces. French forces captured one of the pirate boats.

The world's naval powers have deployed dozens of warships to the lawless waters off Somalia over the past year to curb attacks by pirates in one of the world's busiest maritime trade routes. I am glad that they are giving attention to this issue because there have been so many victims of Somali Pirates ( a lot of them are Filipino seamen) it is time to give them a dose of what they deserve. Of course, I am happy that they are deploying many warships off the waters of Indian Ocean and Gulf of Alden Coasts because it will mean better security for many seamen including my brother.

Since the end of the monsoon season, pirate attacks are expected to rise because calmer waters allow pirates, who often operate in small fibreglass skiffs towed out to sea by captured fishing vessels, to hijack freighters, trawlers and private yachts.

Let's all hope and pray for the safety of all the working seamen who face the dangers of Somali pirates.


shydub said...

I read this one too, taka lng gyud ni pang hijack ning mga pirata sa, naa pna sila dri pritohon ko na waaaaaa.

dhemz said...

waaaaa...oppsy....mala mala ning mga pirataha.....hope and pray na they're all safe...

kat said...

kabasa bitaw ko ani pod Lu..hasta nakong read, no write guro tong mga pirataha...hhahaha

kaayo ra pusaon anang ilang mga itlog oi. naa ra ba sad silay biktima nga mga filipino.

BTW. di diay mukaon ug macaroni salad imo bana Lu..daghana mayonaise ug cheese nya halui pod ug apples, madugayan mukaon na na sya ana. Mao na ako gibuhat sa ko bana, karon ah hawod na kaayo mokaon ug macaroni maski walay apples.

Joops said...

It's time for them to stop. God made the way to stop their wrongdoings...

Thank you so much for your support to my daughter. If you can please vote for Jillian Rylie Cottrill again today, tomorrow, and until 31st, it would be so much appreciated. Thank you so much!

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