Friday, October 23, 2009

Placement Fee

Working abroad is very common among Filipinos. Thus, there is a commission that oversees Overseas Foreign Workers. I couldn't imagine how many millions of Filipinos are working abroad.

Filipinos are hard working. Their skills are sought after by different countries. There are many Filipinos that works professionally in their different fields of expertise in a foreign land. There are also a lot of overqualified Filipinos who doesn't have a choice but to work as domestic helpers in other countries. There are many degree holders that work as domestic help in foreign land because there is no job available for them in the Philippines. Besides, working as domestic help in foreign land pays better than any ordinary job in the Philippines.

When it comes to working abroad, the placement fee is getting ridiculous. Most placement agencies are demanding placement fees that is very unreasonable. It is like you have to work for a year just to pay the placement fee! Believe me when I say there are many Filipinos who are buried with debt before they can work abroad. Working abroad does not guarantee that you can pay all the debt because there are many cases that workers are being mistreated and have no choice but to seek help and go home empty handed.

I really feel sorry for the families that doesn't have a choice but to leave their families behind to work abroad and has to pay those ridiculously high placement fee. I hope that the soaring placement fee for works abroad will be regulated... of course I don't think this will happen.


Clarissa said...

I agree!!Kawawa naman ang mga pinoy na nagpupumilit makahanap ng trabaho sa abroad,kahit na mabaon sila sa utang.Sana nga mawala na yang placement fee noh?

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