Monday, October 26, 2009

A View from the Top

Staying in the 14th floor of Holiday Inn, I was able to capture the view from atop! Mobile is beautiful. From atop the hotel, you can see the downtown Mobile and the Mobile Bay!


dhemz said...

OMG...ka 14th floor man jud kaau ang view...hehehe!

shydub said...

Wow very nice. First nku read imu post from way back then lulu, i thought mobile is mobile vehicle hehehe.

sauna tio katong nangadto sd mo sa mobile

David Funk said...

Wow, the 14th floor of a Holiday Inn?! I haven't stayed in a hotel that had that many floors yet, but would love to be that high. The last pic is definitely breathtaking!

Nice post, Lulu!

Online Hotel Booking said...

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