Friday, October 30, 2009

WE are back HOME!

We got home earlier than expected! It was a great trip.

We wanted to come home earlier because of tomorrows trick and treat. We wanted to do our little tradition of going trick and treating with Andrea's Nana and Papa Dan.

I am really excited to come home with a load of fish in the trunk. I can't wait to eat the fish, shrimp, crabs and more....

We got home and the house looks so very welcoming. It is nice to be home again. After Andrea was settled in, I started unpacking our things. WE have a lot of dirty clothes... I have to do laundry (but not now...)

After everything is done, I repacked the fish and shrimps that we got. I can't believe I have so much! Our freezer is almost full of fish and shrimps....

Now, after a long drive and unloading and unpacking... Dave and I are ready for a treat!!!! We feasted on crab legs which we bought in Mobile for a price of just 6.99/lb


Us said...

Loooove the crabs hhmmm yum!

Gi paspasan ang blog oi, ky PR 1 raba intawn nya domain pa jd.

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