Sunday, November 8, 2009

$2,000 Jeans

When I saw the price, I was shocked! Why would somebody wants to spend thousands of dollars for a pair of jeans? Who has extra $2,000 lying somewhere? I surely don't! So, I really can't afford to buy this one. Even if I have the money, I don't think I will ever buy this one. Wheeewww! Can you imagine how far can a $2,000 goes in today's economy. That can pay rent for a couple of months or for me that's a trip to Philippines!

This jeans is from Acne a Swedish brand. It is adorned with some type of body armor which should protect you....well, for the price you have to pay it should!

So who wants to buy this? I'll pass... and yes I will say I will NEVER buy this...


Dhemz said...

nge? 2k for that ugly jeans? my gosh....palit nalang nako na ug guess or levis ba kaha...heheheh!

ako pod woi...will never buy ugly...nya ang model kay hiwi pa ug!

tiffany said...

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chubskulit said...

hahahaha ang mahal hihimatayin ako sa presyto, 1000 pesos nga lang namamahalan na ako sa pants na binili ko lol..

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