Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009... A Recap

Year 2009 has been very wonderful for us.... I am very thankful to the God Almighty for all the blessings He showered on us....

  • I am glad we were able to visit Philippines as a whole family. My biological family was able to finally met Andrea in person.
  • Despite having an Ear Surgery early of this year, Andrea had no other problems health-wise.
  • There were so many little blessings that we received and we even forgot to acknowledge... we didn't have major health problems, despite job loses Dave managed to have a job although their hours were shortened but having a job alone is a blessing.
  • My brother passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers and so is my sister-in-law
  • A new addition to our family ... my brother got married and had a baby girl
  • We expanded our home in the Philippines (thanks to my sister)....
  • My family in the US are all healthy no major health problems... they are all wonderful to me..
  • Of course, we were able to watch Andrea grow up everyday... and my family is stronger than ever... we have a happy married life
  • There were little problems... just part of living and spices of life...
  • Lastly, I discover my blogging passion which enable me to gain friends, express my ideas and yes earn from it too!
Thank you Lord for a wonderful 2009!


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