Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simbang Gabi / Misa de Gallo / Morning Masses

It is Christmas time. Filipino celebrates its famous 9 morning masses. It starts on the dawn of December 16. I miss the "simbang gabi" When I was in the Philippines, most of the time we complete the 9 morning masses. In Tubigon, the mass starts at 4:00am. We usually have to go there early or else you will end up standing the entire service.

I remember 4 years ago, the dawn of December 16, we arrived at the church at 3:30 and the church is already full packed! some of the parishioners has to bring their own chair because there were lot of mass attendees.

After mass, we usually have to go to the bakery and buy the famous "pandesal" it is a kind of bread which is really good with coffee!

My routine then, was to attend mass and when we got home i usually have to go back to sleep for two hours. Most of the times, during the duration of the 9 morning masses, it always rains... but despite the rain we always make sure that we go to mass for it is our tradition.

I will surely miss Christmas in Pinas... Christmas time always makes me miss home and be nostalgic. Nothing beats Filipino Christmas tradition.... I am not complaining though, I have a family here in the USA and this Christmas it will be more fun because Andrea is growing up already


chubskulit said...

Yan ang namimiss ko sa tin eh. Dito meron ding simbang gabi but malamig kaya nakakatamad lalo na may mga bata.

Anne said...

Sauna mata jud ko mi, karon niguwang na wala na jud tawon ko ka simba kay tugnaw kaaju man... hehehe!

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