Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Layering Clothes

Since the holidays, it has been cold here. The temperature and the wind makes you hate to go out and do something outside the house. But with proper clothing, anybody can still enjoy outdoor activities despite the cold weather.

Layering clothes can serve two purposes, which are keeping warm or looking good. A short, tight tank with a flannel shirt over the top doesn’t fall into the layering for fashion category; it’s a method of layering for warmth. I admit, I become good at layering clothes especially when it comes to Andrea. I always make sure that she is warm when we go out during this cold winter days.

The best types of clothing to use for layering are scarves, vests, leggings, sweaters, unbuttoned blouses, short dresses, short tops and long tops. A tank top, flimsy dress, open sweater and matching leggings is a fundamental layered look. Go out with style during this winter days. We still can be fashionable even if it is cold.


shydub said...

We always have 3 layer of clothes that is every week we have humunggous of laundry.

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