Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I was reading and visiting different blogs during the first week of 2010 when I see some blog entries about New Year's Resolutions. Obviously, most people of all walks of life has its own New Year's Resolution. I conclude that the most common resolution is to loss weight. The second most common is the "save more spend less" idea.

For me, on top of my list for this year is to save more. I am really serious in hoping to save that way we can have a nice vacation to the Philippines in the next few years. Vacationing to the Philippines will be expensive for the whole family because there will be three of us to pay the airfare. Hopefully, I can manage to save enough so that we can have a luxurious vacation.

Although I need to loss weight myself, losing weight is not on top of my New Year's Resolution. For those who make losing weight their number one New year's resolution, all I can tell them is perhaps they need to look for slimming pills that will work. Combined with diet and exercise, I am sure that slimming pills will help you attain the weight you desire.


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