Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nicholas Cage to pay $14M to IRS

I am a fan of Nicholas Cage. I love his "old" movies. But his recent movies are not very impressive to me. I have known that Nicholas Cage has troubles with his back taxes and he owed millions actually. Sometimes, I can't imagine why would people with lots of money owes money to IRS. They all know for sure that IRS will gonna get them.

Nicolas Cage is determined to get his financial house in order and to pay the IRS all that he owes in back taxes.

Anyway, in the recent settlement between the IRS and Nicholas Cage, Cage will pay IRS $14 million in owed back taxes. Cage said that in the course of his career, he's paid more than $70 million in taxes.

The government recently placed a tax lien on his real-estate holdings, including an additional $6.7 million from 2008. Cage said that he is under new business management and he also said that he is current for 2009 taxes, all taxes will be paid including any to be determined state taxes.

I hope that Cage will surpass this problem and I hope that they can all solve this tax problems.


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