Friday, January 15, 2010

Planned Summer Trip

This summer we planned to visit my sister-in-law who lives in St. Petersburgh, Florida. I haven't been to Florida so this will be very interesting for me. This will also be Andrea's longest trip by car, I hope she won't be really fussy while on the road.

Dave and I were discussing about checking Disney vacations since we will be in Florida anyway. It will be perfect to visit Orlando theme parks because I am sure that Andrea will have a blast!

I really couldn't wait to have a first road trip to Florida. I am sure that Terri (my sister-in-law) will be so excited about our plans.


teJan said...

No???That would be exciting! ako baya na dream place ang florida kay naa man ako mga auntie ug uncle dha..heheh! nga ga promise promise sa una nga kuhaon ko nya la diay! hahahha!

good day!

gracia said...

just followed you here.. hope u will follow too!

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