Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday @ the Park

It was a pretty day today! In fact the temperature was in the high 60s! It was a good day to get out and enjoy the beautiful day.

We went to Moody park to enjoy the good weather. We let Andrea play. It was so good to see her run around and make some friends. She was really enjoying it and I am so glad that she made friends. She ran around and play the slides without hesitation. Up until now though, she doesn't like the swing.

It was so cute to see her making friends. There are no kids her age that she can befriend except for Alex, Matthew and some other older kids (kids of all my filipina friends).

As expected, she cried when we went home. We didn't stay too long because it was about to rain. We caught a few raindrops and we don't want for the rain to catch us while in the park.

It was a good day!


Dhemz said...

glad to know you had a great, 60s! wala na diay nag snow mami? hilis na diay ditso....

maau pa ning imong blog mami kay bisan asa pa nako makita sa adgi nga adverts....ako wala jud ko ka kita sa akong blog tawon, maypa imo sige jud nako makita every time mag drop ko...murag ikaw ra jud gpalabon sa adgi da...ehehhehe!

shydub said...

Ka kugihan sa mama nag sge update sa iyang rich nga snippet.

Well, glad to hear that you guys had fun-tastic weekendat the park.

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