Friday, March 26, 2010

Credit Score

Credit score is very important. It can be your source of financial freedom. When you make major purchases such as house and car and other big investments, merchants will check your credit score first. Even when applying loans and credit cards, before you will be granted your credit score is being checked first.

Sometimes, when you apply for a job, the company hires you depending on your credit score. Credit score plays a vital role in your daily living. It is important when you rent an apartment, apply for services (like cellphone, cable television, utilities and etc.).

Being new here in the USA and learning the importance of credit score, I am slowly starting to build mine. It is good that I can get online credit report because it is easy for me to monitor my credit score.

Do you know what is your credit score? Get online credit report now and be watchful of your credit score as this is very important.


Laikka said...

mao jud! korek!

have a great weekend lulu!

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