Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Cassi!

This is my niece Cassi Angelique. She is celebrating her 5th birthday today. She is already in pre-school. She told her father... "Pa I want to have a birthday party in school"... Her father replied.. "Birthday party in school is for the rich only... we are poor so you can't have a party in school". Guess what? she understands that!

Her father is also teaching at the school she goes to. Last week, during her father's cooking class, she saw that they were cooking french fries. She then told her father " Pa, I know what I want for my birthday... let's cook french fries"

Kids... simple things... simple joys...

Happy Birthday Cass... Momsy, Daddy David and Andrea loves you!


Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaa...so sweet...love her eyes and her name....so unique!

murag wala galing ni padad-e ug regalo sa iyang momsy da...ehehehhe!

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