Friday, March 5, 2010

Watch Out Drivers!

Accidents in the road can sometimes be avoided if only drivers are more careful. Listed below is the common distractions that causes accidents. These are the activities drivers do and how much they increase their risk of a crash:
  • 23.2x Text while driving
  • 3.4x Read
  • 3.1x Apply makeup
  • 2.8x Dial hand held device
  • 2.3x Handle CD
  • 1.6x Eat
  • 1.3x Talk or listen on hand held device
Okay so no texting while driving please. And heck why will you read while you are driving? I know... I know girls wants to look nicer but hey apply your make up before you leave the house ....

Generally speaking just don't use phone while driving okay... you need to watch out as you are not the only person in the road!


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