Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday (4/22/10)

Let's boggle again. I find this week's board a little bit hard. Evidently, I didn't find as many words as I did last week. Just the same, I enjoyed playing along and for a couple of minutes it made my mind work...


jot / jots / hot / hots / hut
huts / fad / fads / his / sun
suns / dun / duns / fun / funs
south / out / outs / toss / host
toad / toads / ads / shun / thou

Join and have fun with us at Boggle Me Thursday....


maritz said...

i love boogle..apil ko sunod ha,,

chubskulit said...

ano yung apil mamilu? sali ba?

kat said...

oo Rose..apil means sali...hehehe

wa ko kaapil yesterday kay nahutdan ko ug internet card waaa..wa ko ka adgi gahapon..naa na noon ko absent dah!

Chie Wilks said...

lots of words you have here sis..oo lisod ang table karon

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