Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boggle Me Thursday (4/1/10)

Boggle Me Thursday is an exciting meme. I do enjoy playing this because it reminds me of my college years where we always play this inside our library with some friends and professors too.

When I was working, during break times and during times that we have nothing else to do, we always play boggle. We even change rules to only 4 letter words or only 5 letter words just to challenge ourselves.

This meme is really fun and I hope you join us every Thursday! Let the games begin... opps remember the sand timer hehehe!


cheer / hero / newer / fewer / none
new / few / nor / rode / fern
wee / ewe / ere / ore / fen
were / here / chew / clew / blew
fee / feed / doe / doer / redo
leer / deer / beef / beefed / one
done / belch / belched / wed / weed
cee / feel / reel / dew /


Chie Wilks said...

wow..pagha daghan sa imo words gani ko kakita anang hero...awesome job sis...

shydub said...

Daghan ug words ahh, heheh wala d i lend ngek, nayabag nku lol. jologs jd waaa.

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