Friday, April 16, 2010

For The Love of Books

Even before Andrea is old enough to appreciate books, she already has a stacks of books. Our whole family loves to read so we were hoping that Andrea will love it too.

At first, she will just tear off the pages of the books and sometimes bite on it too. But as she grow older, she learns to love flipping its pages and describing pictures. We now read books everyday. It is not really reading but more on describing its pictures and making up stories along the way.

The other day, we went to a bookstore and I was so surprise she found the books she love! This was actually her first time in a bookstore. She was so excited to find books (all the Nick Jr Shows ).

We now know where to bring Andrea for shopping....


chubskulit said...

wow, very studious ang ating studyante ah... so cute!

Mama Ko said...

Mura jud ug korek uy. Of course Dora gihapon gipunit. mabuang ko ni Dora grabe ang influence

kat said...

hhahahaha agree ko kay Tsang..mura jud ug true...nya Dora diay japon gipangita..dapat title..for the love of Dora hahaha...seryoso ra ba kaayo ang porma ni Andrea hehe

Dhemz said...

so cute kaau sa imong dalaga mami...maau ni sila ipag kuyog sa iyang ate Akesha....ehehhehe!

I love her outfit btw.....adgi sako dire....mwah!

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