Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let's Play

Andrea decided to play with her books. While the weather was warm, she decided that playing with her toy car is not enough. She asked me saying "Mama, open door". I opened the door and she got her books. She was not content with only one book. She got some of her books and decided to line it up outside. She got the book one by one. Some of the books are kinda heavy.

When it was time to get inside, she didn't have energy to pick up all her books, which means "Mama to the rescue"

Isn't it amazing how she lined up her books?


Cacai M. said...

Agoy mao diay ni gika-busyhan sa inahan og anak.. :) Very cute mami.. I love to play with Andrea too one day.. I hope she will not get big so I can play with her as a kid.. :)

By the way, kahayahay ba ninyo oi puro nmn mo mga pr tanan.. ako ra ang itlog og tanan pa jud.. waaaa.. :)

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shydub said...

Hehehehe mao na inday andrea give mama lotta job ky sge duwa isla.

chubskulit said...

Hahaha very creative!

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....ka cute ni Andre....maau iya kay books ang iya g lined up...sayon ra Akesha kay kani man mga toys!

labay ko mami...mag adgi sako...sige man ko pangusig woi...mana ka shopping diha?

Anne said...

parade ni mi? asa man ang leaderwala man ni apil sa pic... hhahah

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