Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mom's New Project

I am very close to my mom. Mom and I can talk and talk even if some things are just non sense at all. We always enjoy each others company. Bonding with Mom is one of the things I miss most.

The last time I talked to my mom over the phone, she told me about her latest project. She want a new divider for her new TV. I suggested to her to look for tv stands in the store so that instead of a divider she will just get a tv stand. Dividers (which is very common in the Philippines) are very bulky and occupies a lot of space. I told her that with the style of our house and the design of the living room, a divider won't look good on it.

I teased Mom on where will she gets the money for her project. She told me that she has set aside already and she got it from her allotment. By the way, she receives monthly allotment from my brother who works as a seaman.

I haven't talked to Mom for almost a month now, I can't wait to be updated with her project. I hope to talk to her soon.


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