Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ferry Rides

Way back, when air fares was still way high and beyond our budget, we ride a ferry going home from Manila to Bohol. On some ferries it will take 29 hours of sea voyage before we reached our port of destinations. Somehow it was fun because big ferries has different cafes, disco rooms and even swimming pools. It is like you are in a cruise.

Because the trip is quite long, you can have the option to explore the ferry. At one time, we befriended some ferry officials that they gave us a tour on the boats machinery. It was a great experience. We were able to see how the ferry is being operated. At the bottom of the ferry lies all the machines that is capable of running the ferry. Evidently there were different types of industrial hand wheels underneath. Those industrial hand wheels are used to adjust a variety of machine functions.

Ferry rides were fun until you will experience typhoon in the middle of your voyage. You can see big waves that will rock the ferry. Delays are expected and depending on how long the delay can be, sometimes the ferry will run out of water which can be really hard.

It has been a while since I rode a ferry. I usually just catch a flight now for more convenience.


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