Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birtday Ace!

My first "baby" is already a big girl! I remember the day I brought her Mom to the hospital to give birth. Since then, I became a Mom too. I was the one that brought Ace to the clinic for her daily injection because she was overdue. I had my share of sleepless nights when all Ace wanted was to be rocked all night.

Ace grew up with me. I know I spoiled her. She was a Momsy's girl. I remember how she got jealous with Dave and I remember how much she cried when they teased her that I will have a baby of my own (Andrea) and she will no longer be my baby.

Ace, always remember that Momsy loves you and that you will always be my first baby.

Happy birthday from Daddy David, Momsy and Baby Doll.


Shy said...

It only means one thing tiguls na ang mama mama hehehe. jok lng.

Clarissa said...

Awww...Happy birthday to your 'baby',Mommy Lulu!Ganyan din ako with my pamangkin sa bukid,they all grew up with me coz my SIL is working at ako ang taga bantay.
Best wishes to Ace!^_^

Healthy Cafe said...

happy b day

Dhemz said...

awwwww.....ka sweet sa momsy....belated Happy birthday sa imong eldest mami....:) ka cute sa dagnay ni doll....:)

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