Monday, May 3, 2010

Save Money: Fridge Fix

Here's a disturbing fact.... Refrigerator uses up to about 15 percent of our total energy bill. I bet that most of us doesn't know about this. I sure don't know that keeping those junks in my refrigerator cost me a lot! I am really surprise to know that refrigerator takes a good chunk of our electricity bill.

Anyway, cleaning your refrigerator coils can save you lots of money. I learned this from The Daily Fix: Cleaning Dirty Refrigerator.

Here's how to clean your refrigerator coils:

1. Power off. (A good way to tell if you've cut the juice is to check that the light is off when you open the door.)

2. Locate the coils. They're usually found near the floor, hidden behind the rectangular cover panel, also called a kick plate.

3. Remove this protective plate. Usually it's attached via spring clips and just snaps off, but some require removal of two tiny screws. If in doubt, consult your owner's manual. (Tip: An open door may provide better leverage.)

4: Remove caked-on dust from the lower coils with the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner.

5. Insert a long-handled brush and sweep it over and under the coils. Don't worry about pushing more debris into the back of the unit: This type of brush is designed to dislodge dirt from behind, later to be vacuumed up.

6. Replace the cover and plug it back in. (Again, this may be easier to do with the door open.) Line up the two notches on either side, and the cover should easily pop back into place. (Again, consult the user manual if reattachment is problematic.)


kat said...

oi kaayo ra ani pero wa man ko kaila aning imong gipanghingalan nya nawala naman sad ako manual..hehe

nag adgi ko diri hehehe

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