Friday, June 25, 2010

Issue on Eyeglasses

Wearing a prescription eyeglasses is for me a necessity and is very important for our health. It is a common fact that prescription eyeglasses can be very expensive. Do we need to compromise our eye sight's safety because of this? I don't think so but how much does a pair of eyeglasses cost at your optician's office? Do you think you can find a cheaper one with the same quality?

I have been prescribed to wear prescription eyeglasses for a few years now and I know that a pair of eyeglasses from my eye doctor is not cheap. Thankfully, I have vision insurance that covers most of the cost. For people who are not fortunate enough to have vision insurance, I can't blame them if they want to buy their prescription eyeglasses online. I know a lot that orders their prescription eyeglasses at Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical has become a familiar name because of their affordable and stylish eyeglasses. You can buy a pair of eyeglasses starting at $8 and the shipping and handling cost is just S4.95 regardless of the quantity you will order.

To ensure that you will get the perfect fitment of your ordered eyeglasses, you need to provide your PD or Pupillary Distance. Most opticians hesitate to give you your PD because they have found out that many people are ordering eyeglasses online instead of ordering it from them. I don't think it is fair not to have access to your PD. Where we want to buy eyeglasses should be our choice. Of course we will choose to buy online because it is a lot cheaper.


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