Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nickelodeon Parties

My daughters and I love to get on the Nick Jr. website together on our satalite internet. On this site, we can look at different things for the shows we love to watch together. There are games that are all educational. You can play with Dora, Diego, and even The Fresh Beat Band. This site is wonderful.

It has craft ideas for every show. You can print out different things to help you make the ideas. You can also print out coloring sheets. It is great how you can select the show you want to know more about and just browse the ideas.

My daughter wanted to have a Dora the Explorer birthday party. We went on the hughes net internetand found a link for birthday ideas. I was able to get a pattern for the cake on here. It was shaped just like Dora. It was also very easy to make myself. The Dora pirate hats we printed out were a huge hit at the party. I will be checking Nick Jr. every year for help with my birthday party planning.

Post from Ashley Honerty


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