Sunday, June 13, 2010

Work of Art (Water Melon)

The hot temperature here in Alabama is almost at the point of being unbearable. We were in the 90's yesterday plus its humidity. It was such a hassle for me to get out of the comfort of our little abode. At least inside our place, the air conditioner keeps me comfortable and cool.

It's really hot that a good ice cream or a cold water melon will be perfect. But if your watermelon is carved like the picture below, I don't think you will want to eat them. I am sure you will just look at them and just be amazed.

These fruit carving is made by Tony Alberto of Mabuhay Store in Atlanta. He does all sort of carving from fruits to woods to ice to Styrofoam.


Mrs.D said...

agoy ginoo...ka beauty ba kaau...lami man kaau kan-on...ehehhehe....

adgi ko mami before hitting the road....hope you are feeling better na....miss yah...mwah!

will try to blog hop tonight!

Anne said...

agoy ka kuyaw man ani mi...nice kaau unbelievable da!

Very nice jud... hehehe!

Cecile said...

ganda naman; kakahinayang kainin :-)

Joops said...

Ang galing!

Eric Manila Blog said... sobrang ganda ayaw ko ng syang kainin :)

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