Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA 2010

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). I got confused as I am not very into this sports although I watch the World Cup. In my mind I was thinking of Soccer as Americans call it soccer. In the Philippines, we call it soccer too. Never in my mind did it register that in other parts of the world it is called football thus it is FIFA.

The football that I know is the US Football. US Football is what I am into. I love the sports and actually I am looking forward to the opening of college football which will be soon.

Anyway, the World Cup has full of controversies and it was a lot of fun to watch. Though US team didn't make it to the finals, there were still many people who are glued to their televisions earlier between the final match of Netherlands and Spain. Many sports analysts were rooting for Spain to win... for me, I wanted the Netherlands to win as I am always for the underdogs.

It was a good match today and my congratulations to the Spain team for winning the World Cup. This is the first time that Spain won. I am sure it will be a great honor for them for winning the World Cup.


AC said...

naku, ako di ko rin alam yan noon... hahaha!!! si hubby kase nanonood so nakinuod nadin ako... mega sigaw pa ako sa England... hahaha!!! Nabwisit pa ako sa referee nung hindi kinount ang goal ng England... wahahaha!!! enjoy naman sya dba? kaka bored nga lang kase tagal mag points... pero yeah, congrats to Spain!

Dhemz said...

na akong kau sa Spain...ehehhee!

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