Friday, July 2, 2010


We got another set of pictures of our house. We are so pleased at the progress of the construction. The floors are already tiled and the ceilings are already done. Oh, it is so amazing how the house turns out. There is no trace of little hut that we used to live in. Actually our house now is gigantic according to the standards of the small town that we grew in. We are so proud of it and we are happy to provide our parents with this kind of house.

As we were looking at the pictures, we absolutely need to upgrade our furniture. The bamboo living room set that we have is no longer fitting to the design of our house. We need a new set of modern furniture that will complement the design of our living room and our entertainment room. We already ordered a 10 dining chairs for our dining room. We already have a nice dining table that is why we only needed the dining chairs. Oh, I can't wait to see our new house in person.


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