Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping In Touch Across The Miles

When my sister got married and moved to Tennessee, I thought it would be forever before we would be able to talk again. I didn't have the credit for a good cell phone, so I used one of those pay as you go phones and was always running out of minutes. Finally, fed up with not being able to talk to her, I got hughes internet.

Now we are able to get together and talk almost every day through online social websites. We can chat on messenger and even hear each other talk through voice chat. There are even sites that allow us to play games together while we talk. We do not have to worry about whether it is after nine, or on the weekend, or if I only have a few minutes left on the phone with hughesnet in florida.

Being able to speak to each other every day, share our problems, and have some laughs has really made a difference in our relationship. We are now even closer than ever, and I consider her one of my best friends. The internet is an awesome way for staying in touch with family.

Thanks to Bethany Francis for the guest post


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