Sunday, August 1, 2010

Classy Nurse Uniforms

The medical scrubs and uniforms here in the USA are very different from the ones in the Philippines. In the Philippines, all nurses are required to wear white uniforms with a nurse cap and a name plate. Unlike here in the USA, nurses can wear classy nurse uniforms. Most nurses here in the USA, wear scrubs as their nursing uniform. I think that scrubs are very comfy to wear. Comfortable attire for nurses is necessary so that they can perform their duties efficiently and happily.

Besides in addition to wearing comfortable nursing uniforms, a nurse need to wear a very reliable shoes too. They need shoes that will protect their feet and their back. Nurses are often required to put in long hours of standing while performing their duties thus they need a shoe that will support them. Any and all nurses shoes play a big role in the nurses' ability to perform their roles and responsibilities. Being a nurse or any other medical profession for that matter, doesn't need to be behind what's in with the fashion world.

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