Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crowd Control at the Immigration Services

We are finally back home last night. My citizenship interview went well. I passed and I took the oath of allegiance on the same day.

There were so many people in immigration building. It was hard to find a parking space. There were few parking spaces that were barricaded though, I guess for safety reasons. They have barricades that are very strong, I can't even move them!

Upon opening the door, a security guard will check your appointment. People were lining up in the designated area where there is an installed blue velvet rope to guide the people. The process was smooth because every one is taking its turn. In every floor, there are stanchions to make sure that all applicants will take turn and it was really effective as I didn't see any person trying to beat somebody else in the line.

I was well prepared for my interview and it paid off as I was able to answer all the questions. It was a good day.

I have noticed that everyone in the immigration services are very disciplined. There was a sign of no food and no drink allowed, and I really didn't see anyone who brought food or drink. The crowd control of the place is very effective too.


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