Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shopping and Coupons

I am the finance manager at home. I am the one who mostly decide what to buy and not to buy. I have to make sure that what money we have will cover all our bills and our daily expenses. I think I am doing good at it as we never get behind any bills.

When it comes to shopping, I always make sure that I get good deals and sale items. I also use my coupons especially on our grocery shopping. I collect coupons from different sources. Buying diapers alone can be costly, thanks to coupons I have saved couple of hundreds out of it.

Every once in a while, I also indulged myself with online shopping. Sometimes, I buy something for myself but mostly, I buy something for my little girl. Even in online shopping, I make sure that I get discounts. I make sure to search for Savings coupons before I shopped at different online stores. In today's tough economy, using coupons can really save you a lot.

Anyway, I have found a good community that answers any questions of things I want to save on. You might want to check out the community of deal experts. Ask a question and community will respond in real-time with answers to your question.

Happy saving and enjoy hunting!


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