Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

We haven't been out lately because of the super hot temperature but today is different. We have to do our last minute shopping before I have to head to Atlanta for my interview. Despite the over 100F temperature, we went out to shop.

We went to a different store this time and we were so happy to find some Dora DVDs for Andrea. We can't believe that the price of the DVDs was just $7.50 each so we had to go find a barcode scanner to double check the price. The price was indeed $7.50, needless to say, Andrea got a few! (Thanks, Nana!)

We had fun shopping but when it was time to go home, walking from the store to the car in the parking lot was just a pain... the heat was just so unbearable!


shydub said...

yay ni hirit ug shopping ang shoppaholic .

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