Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

My sister informed me that a good friend of mine passed away. It was a sad news. She told me that Mr. Lino Marcojos passed away last night.

Sir Marcojos as I call him, was my college professor way back when I was in college. That was year 1995 when I first met him. I was a good college student and I was very popular in our school (sshhh that is suppose to be a secret). I befriended many college professors but I kept in touch with only a few. One of them is Sir Marcojos. All through the years, we remained friends and so thus our families.

Before I migrated here in the USA, we communicated often. Sometimes, him and his wife would drop by at my internet cafe. Sometimes we just hanged out with our other friend (Dr. Avergonzado). I can't believe that when I met them again Mr. Marcojos was already retired from teaching and Mr. Avergonzado have a PhD degree already and was already a school director. They were just plain professors when I was in college. It seems like nothing had changed with them... they were still the wacky friends that I used to hang out with.
We surely have fun times together. I always remember the laughs and the jokes that we shared. We always have endless laughter. Spending time with friends were never boring. Too bad that the last time I came home, I was not able to see them.

Now, I am saying goodbye to one of my good friends and I will forever treasure the moments we shared. Sir Marcojos thank you for the friendship, the laughter and the fun we had. May you rest in peace and may you watch over us. Goodbye my good friend!


Mama Ko said...

Send my condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

kat-iTravel said...

condolence to the family Lu...

namatayan sad mi Lu, pero amo iro..ang pet ni Janjan waaaaaaaaaa

hastang hilaka ni janjan pag uli nya, patay na iya dog.

Josh Healy said...

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anne said...

This is sad we also just said goodbye to the friend of my daughter who is only 16 year for a cardiac arrest

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