Monday, August 30, 2010

Sharing Internet Connection

I have a laptop of my own and so does my husband. It works well for us that we have our own laptop as both of us does different things online. I think it will be so hard for us to share one laptop especially that I mostly stay online. Although we have two laptops at home, we don't have problems with our internet connection. We share internet connection by using a Linksys router. I am glad that we can share the internet connection because I would hate to pay my internet provider with more money. I don't want to double my payment for my internet. So far, we are not having issues on network sharing and I am glad!


Cacai M. said...

nyahaha.. kuripot! Aw.. thrify diay ani nga scenario.. aw thrifty jud diay.. hahaha.. musta nmn ka mareng? wla nmn ka laag2x.. grabe na pagpa-dato^ ha.. suka^ lang ako^.. lol... joke.. muahhh!

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