Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sponsor a Child

I am blessed because I have food in our table at all times. I am even more blessed that I have a cool place to stay during this hot summer and my place can provide me with warmth during winter nights. I have all the clothes that I need to be clothed and above all, I have access to medical care.

Not all people especially the children are as blessed as you and me. There are millions of children who are hungry and sick. Many of them longed for a hot meal that they cannot get while some of us just let our food rot or throw in the garbage. There are children who are dying because they can't have access to medical care. There are too many children who needs something to survive.

Make a change, Sponsor a Child today! Children need help everyday not just after a tragedy strikes. You and I can help bring a smile to a child. Please visit Children Incorporated. Be a part of their mission in building a good future for the kids. You can donate to any of their funds and rest assured that any amount you can spare will make a difference.


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