Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caring for our Old Folks

I am proud of how most Filipinos take care of their old folks. Sending our folks to nursery homes is not very common. We always took good care of our oldies until their last breath. It is a Filipino tradition. Most Filipino families are closely knitted and having an extended family member in the household is very normal.

Life in the USA is different. Everybody seems to be busy with their everyday lives that when old folks can no longer function independently, they are sent to Nursing Homes. I am not against this as this is the way of life here. There are Nursing Homes in Virginia that makes living comfortable for the old folks. They have all the medical professionals that can cater to their needs. I think that when our old folks needs special care like the services offered by the Physical Therapy Facilities in Virginia it will be good for them to be in that facility.

When we send our folks to nursing homes or therapy facilities, it doesn't mean that we care less for them. I think that as long as we remember to check on them and visit them as much as possible, that still means we care for them.


Khaye said...

So right... But yes, we may have different views about taking care of our oldies, but as long as we love them and keep watching over them and try to look after them once in a while, then taking them to Nursing Homes shouldn't be a problem...

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