Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going Out to the Movies

Posted by Arden Wallace

There is nothing better than going out to the movies with my husband a weekend. We like to go see a variety of films, from a good action adventure to a well made animated children's film. We usually like to go at least once every other week, and may go more often is an especially good film comes out in the theaters. One of the best times, if we are able, is to go on a weeknight when there is less of a crowd and we have a better chance of getting a good seat. Before we leave the house to head out for the movies, we make sure to set our ADT security systems to ensure that the house stay safe.

Since we live in a small town, we have to go at least 30 minutes away to the nearest theater. Sometimes we might go in the car if the weather is bad, but we prefer to ride my husband's motorcycle so that we can feel the fresh air and see more of the countryside as we travel.


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