Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breaded Okra is being Recalled

Being from the South now, I am now accustomed to eating fried okra. Most of the times, I use fresh okra and dredge it in corn meal. Some other time, I like to use those ready to fry breaded okra.

If you are one of those that likes to buy breaded okra in the grocery store, beware... Tennessee food company is recalling eight lots of breaded okra because it contains milk not shown on the label. Some people who are allergic to dairy products can have an allergic reaction to these breaded okra.

Pictsweet in Bells, Tenn., is calling back specific lots of 32-ounce breaded okra: Those beginning with the product codes 1400B, 1550B, 1660B, 1730B, 1870B, 2030B, 2350B and 2500B.


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