Sunday, October 24, 2010

DVR for the History Buff

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I'm a history professor, and it is an underestimate to say that I love history. I specifically am an American History teacher, with my personal favorite being the history from 1800-1863. This first section of history, after the American Revolution but before the Civil War, is an important era for Americans. I watch several documentaries each month on this era, but at times it is only on when I am teaching. This is why I have DVR service with my satellite tv from

With my DVR I can record television shows such as "How the States Got Their Shape" on the History Channel while I am lecturing on the early history of Virginia, and not have to worry about missing a single moment! I also record several shows on the Presidents, especially in February at around President's Day.

What's best about my DVR is that I can watch these recorded shows many times and not have to delete them until I am ready. This is helpful to me if I am incorporating some of the television material into my lectures and tests. On the whole, I will continue to use DVR to record my favorite programming, and plan on using the information presented in these shows to help encourage students to learn more about our unique history!


Dhemz said...

paborito sa GP da...ehehehe!

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