Sunday, October 3, 2010

Entertainment while Waiting

I am thankful that despite being a premature baby, my daughter Andrea is healthy. Yes, she spent almost two months in NICU when she was born but after she was released she didn't got sick until she had ear infection when she was 10 months old. Being a premature baby, she has a bigger chances of getting ear infection and because it was a recurring incident her EENT suggested to put ear tubes. Other than that my daughter don't get sick very much and I am very thankful.

It is important for me to keep Andrea's visits to pediatrician and her check-ups. I also make sure that her vaccination is updated at all times. Although sometimes, it is really a pain to wait in the waiting room even if the pedia office provide entertainment while waiting. My pediatrician's office has tv in their waiting rooms, that keeps the children entertained while waiting for their turn to be checked. They also have a few toys to play with. There are just times that the pedia office is full and that waiting can be hard especially if your child gets bored.

Whether patients are waiting in the hospital or clinics, when there is a tv, it seems that time will pass quickly as there is something to occupy the patients' time while waiting. Direct TV business packages are really good for different establishments.


Vernz said...

kung maghulat jud ka bintaha jud naa Tv .. ... agi ko Lu....

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shydub said...

aguy ang alexa diri tupong tupong na sa akong simple.

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