Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Theater

Some of my friends work for really rich couples in one of the richest neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama. Most of their bosses have humongous house that has theaters on it. They told me how pretty their home theater seating is. I am so impressed that some people have their own theater at home.

I browsed online and found out that there are wide selection of Cinema Style Seats that provides comfort for people who watch those long movies. Most of these seating are not just built for comfort but they are also built for durability.


Khaye said...

I love home theaters! I enjoy watching at home rather than at cinemas - only did that twice with my high school friends!

I remember watching a movie at my cousin's house who happens to have a home theater! It was awesome! I love how they set up the sound system, making you feel like you're really in the theater. For people who love movie trippings, it's a must have!!!

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