Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Was All Unexpected

Today is the first day that I volunteered at my sons school. It was amazing and completely wonderful watching all of the children play. My boy was a terror and a little show off, being that his mom was their to watch him. I thought he would be well-tempered and calm, but I was way off! Even this morning when we left home I set the home security alarm that I found on and the whole time he was trying to press the buttons. This is when I knew the day was going to be insane. As much as I thought that this would be a good experience for us as mother and son, it was not. Maybe I am not cut out to volunteer or maybe I am, just not in the same class as him. I was really looking forward to this, but I guess sometimes things to not turn out as expected. Maybe I will try again another week or maybe never, I guess I really haven't made up my mind yet. Tonight I am going to have a talk with him to find out what went wrong, if he is willing to try again then I will be to.

This guest post from Edgardo Rosa


Vernz said...

Agi ko Ms. Lulu..hehehe... wa nako basa post lu...katugon na jud ko pero post sa ko imu giveaway..hehehe..

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