Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Preferred Kitchen

Other than the living room (where I do my online works), I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Being a stay at home mom and wife made me realize that I have a hidden talent for cooking and baking. Before my daughter came to my life, I have a lot of extra time to devote on making myself productive at home thus it made me realize that I have a passion for cooking after all.

Since I like to be in the kitchen doing little bit of this and that, I would prefer for our kitchen to have one of the most easy to clean utility sinks. When I cook I use so many cookware or bakeware and I prefer to wash them by hands so I really need spacious utility sinks. I can also use some of those butcher block carts which will be very handy for all my other kitchen accessories.

Besides cooking and baking most weekends we also love to grill. While grilling we play with our daughter at our back porch. It will be great to put some adirondack chairs in our back porch and just sit around and relax during this beautiful cool fall weather. I guess I have to check and decide on what style do I want that will be perfect for our porch.


yen said...

same here Lu, i am just waiting for it to come into reality soon.

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