Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Shoes

Have I mentioned how much I love shoes? Duh? I am Filipino, so obviously my love for shoes is in the genes (lol)!

Okay, I admit I have many pairs of shoes and boots that some of them has not been worn yet. I do splurge when it comes to buying shoes and purses. I am guilty at that. But hey, I just convince myself that I deserve them.

Last week, I shopped for shoes at CSN Stores. Actually, when I showed the shoes to my hubby, he said that I should buy it because the shoes is really hot and sexy. Being an obedient wife that I am, (hahaha) I gladly bought the pair! When I got the shoes, I was really happy because I love them. The strings are just so sexy and it looks really great. This shoes is really great for parties and such.

Oh, before I forget to mention, I love shopping at CSN Stores. They have millions of products and you can find everything that you will need there. They also have free shipping on selected products. So, if you need to shop online, check out CSN Stores.


chubskulit said...

wow ang galing, di ako masyadong mahilig sa shoes but hubby keep buying for me lol..

kathy said...

Apir sis!!! Mukha akong sapatos!! Hindi literal ha.. hahahha... Like ur choice, may pang-formal dinner ka na for thnasgiving sis... hehehe


Josie said...

bka talunin mo pa si Madam sa paramihan ng shoes. lol..

mona said...

hi there, hndi ako masyado mahilig sa shoes pero sabi nila dapat meron ka maganda pair pra dalhin ka nito sa magandang lugar.

reanaclaire said...

hi Lulu,
Can you email to me? reanact(at)


SassyChick said...

Pahulama ko ana Lu, ba!...hehe...I'm just starting my shoe and purse collection here in the US...saon tua gibilin sa Pinas ang akong koleksyones...

Mama Ko said...

aguy obedient mn gyud hehehhee. Love the shoes lulu. Kinsay pinoy ba ikaw? uy mericana na baya ka

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