Monday, November 15, 2010

Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery With Robert G. Schwartz, M.D

Non-traditional options, like non-operative electromagnetic bone healing, can improve pain. This safe treatment proves to be easy to administer and an effective way to avoid joint replacement surgery. By taking advantage of medical tourism, USA patients can visit Dr. Robert Schwartz's Greenville office to receive a treatment plan or to be examined.

Treatment Options Available To Patients Around The Country With Medical Tourism USA
Conditions associated with pain, weakness, or numbness can be treated in various ways. In most situations, even if there is a herniated disk or degenerative arthritis present, Robert G. Schwartz, M.D. can evaluate whether the disk or arthritis is actually the source of the pain. If this proves to be the case, various non-surgical treatments can be utilized. Also, if the cause of pain stems from a muscle, nerve, or ligament, then treatment options focused on those conditions can give substantial pain relief, even in the presence of a herniated disk or degenerative arthritis. Non-surgical options include acupuncture, injections, prolotherapy PRP, therapeutic exercise, and Thrombolytic Therapy. Additionally, Dr. Robert Schwartz in Greenville is known around the country by people taking advantage of what is called medical tourism. USA residents from all around visit Dr. Robert Schwartz in Greenville to take advantage of his pain relieving treatments.

Robert G. Schwartz M.D. -- A Highly-Qualified Physician
Dr. Robert Schwartz Greenville, serves as a member of numerous regional and national medical associations. Having completed his undergraduate studies at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Robert G. Schwartz, M.D. attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and completed his residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. He is board certified In Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Orthopedic Medicine and Thermology.


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